Service Plan for Protection of Air Traffic Users

Pursuant to the requirements of ‘Air Transportation User Protection Standards’ (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Notice No. 2017-208), Fly Gangwon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Fly Gangwon) has published the following service plan.

1. In the event that boarding is denied due to overbooking

① If a denied boarding is expected due to overbooking of flights departing from airports in the Republic of Korea, Fly Gangwon shall search for volunteers to take a later flight in order to minimize the number of passengers prevented from boarding the flight non-voluntarily. Passengers denied boarding will be informed of the remedy standards for non-execution of flights (domestic and international passengers) among the remedy standards of the ‘Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards’ [Attachment 2], and will be provided the maximum amount of compensation.

2. In the event of damaged luggage

① For lost or damaged checked luggage, Fly Gangwon shall be held liable only if the damage was incurred while the carry-on baggage or checked baggage was under the management of Fly Gangwon.
② For loss or damage of carry-on baggage, Fly Gangwon shall be held liable only when such damage is caused by the intention or negligence of Fly Gangwon, its users or agents.
③ For lost or damaged baggage, Fly Gangwon shall be liable within the scope prescribed by international agreements or domestic laws, and shall not arbitrarily mitigate the damage. However, when passengers hand over checked baggage to Fly Gangwon, if the estimated value is declared at the place of arrival in advance, Fly Gangwon shall be responsible for the reported value unless the actual value can be proven at the time of receiving the checked baggage at the place of arrival.
④ Fly Gangwon shall be liable for damages resulting from delay of baggage. To prevent damages to Fly Gangwon, its users and representatives, such liability shall be waived when it can be proven that all reasonable measures were taken, or that such measures could not be taken.

3. Information on canceling, refunds or changing flight tickets

① When issuing flight tickets in the Republic of Korea, Fly Gangwon shall, prior to entering the contract, provide customers with the cost for canceling, refunding or changing flight tickets, conditions for exemption of expenses, period for canceling, refunding or changing flight tickets, etc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘cancelation/refund conditions’)
② When providing cancelation/refund conditions as per Paragraph 1, Fly Gangwon shall use font size, format or color for emphasis so that customers can easily identify the conditions.

4. Delays in movement areas

① Fly Gangwon shall not delay flights in the movement area with passengers on board the flight for more than three hours for domestic flights and four hours for international flights. Delay time refers to the time from closing the cabin doors until takeoff, or the time until opening the cabin doors after landing. However, the following situations shall be considered exceptions.

- When there are safety or security reasons such as weather for which the pilot judges that the aircraft must be kept on standby in the movement area, or at the instruction of a government agency
- When a government agency presents the opinion that returning to the gate (boarding area) or deboarding in areas other than the boarding area could cause major confusion in airport operations
- If delays in the movement area persist for more than two hours, Fly Gangwon shall provide food. However, if the pilot judges that such services could pose a threat to safety or security, food service shall not be provided.
- In the event that there are delays in the movement area, Fly Gangwon shall inform passengers on the reason for the delay and provide a progress update every 30 minutes.
- Fly Gangwon shall dispatch human and physical resources that can execute emergency plans in the event of delays in the movement area.
- To comply with regulations regarding delay in the movement area, Fly Gangwon shall communicate with the Korean airport operator, immigration authorities, and other competent agencies.
- In the event that a delay exceeding three hours occurs in the movement area, Fly Gangwon shall report the time of delay, cause of delay, measures taken for passengers, handling results, etc. to the local airport authority director immediately, and retain said data for two years.

5. Measures for changing flight tickets after sale

① In the event that Fly Gangwon requests the government to approve a change of business plans that is different from the original flight plan at the time of selling flight tickets departing from the Republic of Korea, or when flights are not allowed according to the scheduled flight plan due to non-authorization of business plans by the government, measures (provision of alternative flights, cancelation, refunds, etc.) shall be established for customers who reserved/purchased flight tickets and shall be submitted to the Minster of Land, Infrastructure and Transport or to the director of the local aviation office.
② In the event that flights are not available as scheduled at the time of selling airline tickets due to a change of business plans after the issuance of tickets for flights departing from the Republic of Korea, non-authorization of business plans by the government, delays (30 minutes or longer), canceled flights, etc., information on such changes shall be provided to customers via mobile phone text message, email, phone, mail, or other such methods. However, this is limited to cases where the customer’s contact information is known; when such change occurs close to the departure time (within 30 minutes for domestic flights and 1 hour for international flights), it shall be replaced by an announcement at the airport.
③ Fly Gangwon shall announce the changes stated in Paragraph 2 immediately on its website. However, this shall not apply for changes occurring on the same date as the flight.
④ Customer announcement plans for changes in flight plans after sales of flight tickets shall be preemptively established.

6. Provision of information

① When issuing flight tickets to customers in the Republic of Korea, Fly Gangwon shall provide accurate information on baggage fees and free baggage allowance and number of bags allowed clearly on the flight ticket.
② When selling flight tickets in the Republic of Korea as code shares, Fly Gangwon shall provide information such as the actual aircraft that will be used, the fact that there may be a difference in fares among the seller and operator, the airline for check-in, and the actual baggage policies, etc.
③ Fly Gangwon shall post cabin layouts containing information on the seating arrangement (including space between front and back seats and width of seats), locations of emergency exits, etc. of its aircrafts on its website.
④ In the event that there are changes in policies regarding the baggage fees or the free baggage allowance, Fly Gangwon shall post such information on its website for a minimum of three months.