Site Terms

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these terms is to specify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of Fly Gangwon and users in the use of Internet-related services (hereinafter “services”) provided via the Fly Gangwon Internet website (hereinafter “”) operated by Fly Gangwon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Fly Gangwon”).

Article 2 (Definitions)

① "” refers to a virtual business site established by Fly Gangwon to furnish information and services to users using information communications equipment such as computers and information communication networks, and for transactions in goods and services.

② "User” refers to the members and guests who access and receive services furnished by Fly Gangwon in accordance with these terms.

③ "Member” refers to a person who has registered as member of by furnishing personal information, and who is able to continuously use the information and services furnished through

④ "Guest” refers to a person who uses information and services furnished by Fly Gangwon without registering as a member.

Article 3 (Stipulation and revision of these terms)

① Fly Gangwon shall publish these terms, its trade name and contact information (e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, etc.) on the initial service screen (front) of for viewing by users.

② Fly Gangwon may revise these terms, provided that such revisions do not violate any of the relevant laws and statutes such as the Act on the regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Basic Act on Electronic Transactions, the Electronic Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, the Act on Visiting Sales, and the Consumer Protection Act.

③ When these terms are revised, the revised terms shall be published on the initial screen of alongside the terms prior to revision from 7 days prior to the effective date of such revisions until the day immediately before the effective date.

④ The revised terms shall also apply to agreements entered into prior to their effective date; provided, however, that the terms prior to revision shall apply to users having specifically notified Fly Gangwon of their intent to refuse the application of the revised terms.

⑤ The Guidelines on Consumer Protection in Electronic Transactions, related laws and statues, and commercial customs shall govern matters not provided for in these terms, and the interpretation of these terms.

Article 4 (Affairs of

The affairs executed by Fly Gangwon through are as follows.

     1. Furnishing information and services relating to tickets and travel, etc.

     2. Conclusion of contracts, such as contracts for the purchase of tickets

     3. Other affairs prescribed by Fly Gangwon

Article 5 (Interruption of services)

① Fly Gangwon may temporarily interrupt its provision of services on in the event of inspection, repair or replacement of computers and other information communication equipment.

② In the event of a service interruption as per Paragraph 1, Fly Gangwon shall give notice to users using the method(s) prescribed in Article 8 of these terms.

③ Fly Gangwon shall be liable for making compensation for any damages suffered by a user or third party due to its temporary interruption of services for the reasons stated in Paragraph 1; provided, however, that this provision shall not apply in the absence of intention or gross negligence on the part of Fly Gangwon.

Article 6 (Membership registration)

① A user requests to register for membership by entering membership information using the registration form prescribed on, and indicating his or her consent to these terms.

② Fly Gangwon shall accept membership registration requests, except in any of the following situations.

     1. A person requesting membership has forfeited his or her membership eligibility according to Article 7, Paragraph 2 of these terms; provided, however, that an exception shall be made for persons who have forfeited membership eligibility at least 3 years ago and who have received approval for re-registration from Fly Gangwon.

     2. If information registered includes false information, omissions or typos

     3. Other cases where it is determined that registration as a member will be substantially technically difficult

④ A membership contract shall be deemed as constituted at such time Fly Gangwon’s approval reaches a member.

⑤ If there are changes to registered information (mandatory and optional items), a member shall give notice of such changes immediately through e-mail or other equivalent methods.

Article 7 (Cancellation of membership and forfeiture of eligibility, etc.)

① A member may request to cancel his or her membership at any time, and in such cases, Fly Gangwon shall process the cancellation immediately.

② In any of the following circumstances, Fly Gangwon may restrict or suspend a member’s use of services.

     1. If a member provides false information when applying for membership, or has registered two or more IDs at the same time

     2. If a member fails to honor his or her obligations in relation to using, such as the obligation to make payment for tickets, etc. purchased on

     3. If a member hinders the use of by other persons or illegally uses other persons’ personal information, or engages in other acts violating or threatening the order in electronic transactions

     4. Engaging in acts in violation of members’ obligations under Article 16

③ Should Fly Gangwon intend to rescind, restrict or suspend a membership, Fly Gangwon shall give notice to the member himself or a representative thereof by means of e-mail, document or telephone, etc., stating the reason, effective date and time, and term for such measures; provided, however, that the above shall not apply in cases where it is acknowledged that the company urgently needs to suspend a member’s use of the services.

④ If a member or a representative thereof who has received notice of restriction of use of services under Paragraph 3 wishes to challenge such notice of restriction, the member or a representative may file a challenge.

⑤ For challenges filed under Paragraph 4, Fly Gangwon may temporarily defer restriction of use of services for the period of time required to verify such challenge. Notice shall be given of the result to the user or representative thereof.

⑥ If, during the restriction of use of Fly Gangwon, it is confirmed that the reason therefor has been resolved, the restriction shall be lifted immediately.

⑦ Fly Gangwon shall not be liable for damages suffered due to restriction, or suspension of use of services, and revocation of membership.

Article 8 (Notices to members)

① Fly Gangwon may provide notices to a member using the e-mail address submitted by the member.

② When providing notices to a large number of unspecified members, Fly Gangwon may, instead of giving individual notice, publish such notice on for at least 1 week.

Article 9 (Purchase requests)

A user may request a purchase on by following the steps listed below.

     1. Entering name, address and telephone number

     2. Selecting goods or services

     3. Selecting method of payment

     4. Indicating consent to these terms (E.g. mouse click)

Article 10 (Constitution of contracts)

① Fly Gangwon shall accept purchase requests made using the method prescribed in Article 9, except in any of the following circumstances.

     1. If the request includes false information, omissions or typos

     2. If approving the purchase request is determined to cause substantial hindrance to business or technical hindrance

② A contract will be considered constituted at such point in time approval from Fly Gangwon reaches a user in the form of the registered notification under Article 12, Paragraph 1.

③ Fly Gangwon’s indication of approval (registered notification) includes confirmation of the user's purchase request, whether or not the requested purchase is possible, and information on revision and cancellation of the purchase request.

Article 11 (Methods of payment)

Payments for goods or services purchased on may be made using the following methods.

  1. Credit card payment
  2. Real-time wire transfer / deposit without passbook
  3. Other methods of payment prescribed by Fly Gangwon

Article 12 (Registered notice and changes & cancellation to purchase requests)

① Upon receiving a purchase request from a user, Fly Gangwon shall send a registered notice (notice which provides the sender with a notice of the recipient's receipt) to the user.

② Upon receiving a registered notice, a user may, if the information contained in the notice does not match the intent indicated by the user, immediately request a change or cancellation to the purchase request upon receiving the registered notice.

③ In the event of changes and cancellations to purchase requests as per the present article, the provisions of the “Fly Gangwon General Conditions of Carriage for Domestic/International Passengers and Baggage” shall apply to refunds or payment of additional amounts.

Article 13 (Protection of personal information)

① The Company shall strive to protect the personal information of members in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection and other relevant laws and statutes. Related laws and the personal information handling policy of the Company shall apply to the protection and utilization of personal information; provided, however, that the personal information handling policy of the Company shall not apply outside the official site of the Company, such as on sites linked thereto.

Article 14 (Obligations of Fly Gangwon)

① Fly Gangwon shall not engage in acts prohibited by law and these terms, or which go against public order and standards of decency, and shall, in accordance with these terms, strive to supply goods and services in a sustained and stable manner.

② Fly Gangwon shall implement security systems to protect personal information (including credit information) to ensure the safe use of services by users.

③ In such cases where Fly Gangwon improperly labels or advertises its goods or services in the manner prescribed in Article 3 of the Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising and a user has suffered damages as a result, Fly Gangwon shall be liable for compensation for such damages.

④ Fly Gangwon shall not send for-profit advertising e-mails without user consent.

Article 15 (Duties of members regarding IDs and passwords)

① With the exception of the cases specified Article 13, a member shall be responsible for the proper management of his own ID and password.

② A member shall not have a third party use his ID or password.

③ A member shall, upon discovering that his ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, immediately notify Fly Gangwon and comply with any instruction given thereby.

Article 16 (Obligations of the user)

Users shall maintain compliance with these terms and relevant laws and statutes, and shall not engage in any of the following acts.

  1. Providing false information when filing or modifying requests
  2. Arbitrarily modifying information published on
  3. Unauthorized transmission or publication of information or computer programs, etc. which are not permitted by Fly Gangwon
  4. Infringement of copyrights or other intellectual property rights of Fly Gangwon or other third parties
  5. Acts violating the privacy of or hindering the business of Fly Gangwon or a third party
  6. Transmitting or publishing lewd or violent messages, images, voice recordings and other information which goes against public order and standards of decency

Article 17 (Relationship between and linked websites)

In cases where posts a link to another website using a hyperlink (hyperlinks include text, images and video, etc.), Fly Gangwon shall not guarantee transactions such as supply contracts for goods and services entered into between such linked website and a user.

Article 18 (Reversion of copyrights and restrictions on use)

① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights to works prepared by Fly Gangwon shall belong to Fly Gangwon.

② Users may not use for profit or have third parties use information gained through the use of without prior approval from Fly Gangwon, using methods such as reproduction, transmission, distribution or broadcasting, etc.

Article 19 (Resolution of disputes)

① Fly Gangwon shall install and operate a Damage Compensation Handling Body to reflect justified opinions of complaints raised by users, and to pay compensation for damages suffered.

② Fly Gangwon shall process complaints and opinions raised by users in a prompt and appropriate manner; provided, however, that if a complaint or opinion cannot be processed promptly, notice will be given without delay of the reason therefor, and of the projected schedule for processing.

③ In the event of a dispute between Fly Gangwon and a user, such dispute may be mediated by the Electronic Commerce Mediation Committee, installed in accordance with Article 28 of the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce and Article 15 of the Enforcement Decree of the same act.

Article 20 (Court of jurisdiction and governing law)

① Litigation for electronic commerce disputes arising between Fly Gangwon and a user shall be filed with the Seoul Central District court.

② The law of the Republic of Korea shall govern electronic commerce litigation between Fly Gangwon and a user.