Sky way to Gangwon-do, from FLY GANGWON



Fly Gangwon’s Y-shaped wings represent enjoyment, positive change and hope in life for our passengers, and an innovative and enterprising spirit leading the convergence of air travel and tourism. Fly Gangwon.
The color of sunrise

The sunrise is a symbol of “new hope”, representing continuity. The East Sea coast is where the sun rises earliest in Korea. Fly Gangwon's CI embodies the light at sunrise, and represents Fly Gangwon's rise as a new carrier leading new economic growth in Northeast Korea along the East Sea coast.

The color of the sky

Gangwon-do, Fly Gangwon's home, is a place where the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea meet. Fly Gangwon's CI embodies the blueness of Gangwon-do's skies, and represents Fly Gangwon’s role in showcasing the tourism resources of the province, a land blessed by nature, linking the Koreas by air, and connecting all of Asia through a cross-shaped air corridor system.

The color of the sea

While all seas are connected, the waters of the East Sea, Yellow Sea and South Sea all have different colors. The deep blue of the East Sea represents hope. It is with this hope that Fly Gangwon soars into the blue skies.


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