Sky way to Gangwon-do, from FLYGANGWON

About the Company

Fly Gangwon will connect
all areas of Gangwon, which possesses a beautiful natural environment with both mountains and beaches.
  • Fly Gangwon Affiliates
    Flygangwon Friends
    FLygangwon Cargo
  • Business category
    Domestic and international air transport,
    mail order, air cargo transport, non-residential
    building rental, rock consulting,
    corporate marketing, public relations,
    related advertisements, etc
  • Routed
    (As of 2022)
    Yangyang-Jeju, Yangyang-Yeosu, Yangyang-Taipei, Yangyang-Narita, Yangyang-Clarkfield,
    Yangyang-HoChiMinh, Yangyang-Hanoi
About the Company
Company nameFly Gangwon Co., Ltd.
Date establishedApril 12, 2016
Capital StockKRW 40.08 billion (as of late December 2018)
Head office address388, Josan-ri, Yangyang-eup, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea